South Africa: AIDs


Hayley Shelton

World History- Hjelmgren

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South Africa: AIDS


            Health issues affect every country, but in South Africa a fatal pandemic is whipping out almost 1,000 people every day (africa, 2009).    Even the U.S. is having problems curing AIDS, and the struggle is no different in South Africa. At the rate its going it won’t take AIDS long to wipe out the entire country. It is growing way to fast and its effects on the area now are very harmful to the country.

             AIDS continues to rapidly grow. Although AIDS can sometimes be cured with medicinal, but only in few cases if it’s diagnosed soon enough, it is almost impossible to stop in South Africa. One in every five adults has AIDS and as the death rate goes up, so do the number of effected people. Some traditions say that it can be cured by having sex with a virgin (Jr, 2009). Its theories like this that causes AIDS to be spread so rapidly (Jr, 2009). 

            71% of deaths in South Africa are caused by AIDS, (africa, 2009) and with that many deaths occurring so rapidly the grave yards are running out of room (africa, 2009). The amount of deaths occurring now will have a negative influence on South Africa in the future. The average life expectancy is going down. Over half of the 15year olds in South Africa are expected to die before they turn 60 (africa, 2009). It is expected that without the AIDS pandemic the average life expectancy of a South African would be 10 years longer. (africa, 2009)

            Even with all the deaths in the country the South African government is doing close to nothing to stop AIDS from spreading. Every day more people are killed, and nothing can be done. Poverty stops many people from getting the help that can save their lives.


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