South Africa: Apartheid

    In South Africa a ten year old girl was killed in the middle of a gang shootout, this is only a fraction of South Africa’s problems. Apartheid still effects South Africa today. Apartheid is what triggered a lot of South Africa’s issues today. Some of which reside in the economy. And other problems are the increase in violent crime. Apartheid is racial discrimination and it all started when the South Africans gained independence from the British. The ANC or African National Congress, helped free South Africa in 1994, ever since they have governed South Africa. The ANC was founded in 1912(Johnson).
    With the end of apartheid the economy has gotten worse. In South Africa there is no money for importing and exporting. The trading that once went on in South Africa has stopped. This all has to do with white South Africans “making things right”. In order to start a “new South Africa” they believed this was their way to help. So, in order to make this happen they took farm land from white South Africans and redistributed. The people receiving the land were inexperienced in commercial farming. Because South Africa had been under white control for so long they weren’t used to having a democracy and freedom. They are just learning everything now. This explains why South Africa’s unemployment rate sank 23 percent(South). Because no one is hiring and having people work the land. More so the ANC’s creeping socialism has to do more with the unemployment rate(African). 
    Apartheid hasn’t only just effected South Africa’s economy but the Crime rate has increased too. During Apartheid there were Cape flats or large ghettos set up by the British. These Cape flats were located in Cape town, a town in South Africa(Ross). Mixed races were segregated from Cape town and put into these ghettos. This segregation was also known as Apartheid. This is what encouraged gangs to form. Now apartheid is over and the reopening of South African boarders to trade is going on. This only allowed gangs to spread beyond the ghetto and form partnerships with international crime organizations. Now the crime rate is high and at the moment all it can do is increase. In some areas crime has increased up to 75 percent the first year after Nelson Mandela became president, last president in South Africa(Ross). Just recently a ten year old girl was killed in the middle of a gang shootout(Ross). The violent crimes is also a response to the extreme economic conditions. After Apartheid a lot of blacks were left in poor areas lacking essential resources for living. In response violent crime allows financial gain for the ones doing the crime. 
    Apartheid still effects South Africa today. The economy and crime rate in South Africa are just some of the majors issues. Right now the economy is the most important thing to fix. The economy effects unemployment which effects the crime rate. The crime rate is effected by unemployment because that is the only way to financial gain. A portion of money should be given to South Africa along with some advising, but still allowing the main decisions to come from the ANC. If actions such as these are taken the economy could straighten out and other issues such as the increasing crime rate could get looked into.

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